Resources for Patients (free information on many medical condition, including several dermatology topics)
Stanford University Cutaneous Lymphomas Website (for patients with cutaneous lymphoma, excellent educational source, including Mycosis Fungoides Patient Handout , authored by Dr. Liu.
National Psoriasis Foundation
National Rosacea Society
National Alopecia Areata Society
National Vitiligo Society


Resources for Healthcare Professional

Resources for Clinical Dermatology Education

Dr. Liu Clinicopathology Cases, UCLA Dermatology Residency Didactics
NYU Tuesday Evening Conference Dermatology Case Presentations
Washington University Dermatology Case of the Month
Dermatology Online Journal
Dermatlas (Johns Hopkins University Dermatology image bank)
DermIS (Adult and pediatric dermatology image bank)
MDlive (Video lectures on clinical, pathology, and procedural dermatology)
Iowa Dermatology Home Page (Multiple educational tools)
Dermoncology (Skin tumor images)

Resources for Dermatology Board Certification or Re-certification Examination

Omim (Up-to-date genodermatoses resource)
Biocarta website (Resource of physiology pathways relevant to Dermatology)
Doctor Fungus (Comprehensive resource of mycology)
Mycology Online (Comprehensive resource of mycology)
CDC link for Parasites Encountered in Dermatology
CDC link for Smallpox
Atlas of Dermatopathology (Histology image bank useful for dermatopathology resource)