Melanoma continues to be the #1 cause of death from skin disorders and early detection of a thin skin melanoma continues to be the #1 predictor of long-term survival. This article is not meant to be a comprehensive review of melanoma. Key points are highlighted and important links are provided for your reference.

The ABCDE guidelines on evaluating pigmented skin lesions are useful in detecting abnormal moles or possibly melanoma. The most important warning sign is "Evolving". Studies have shown a patient reporting a change in a pigmented skin lesion is the highest predictor of the skin lesion being melanoma confirmed from tissue biopsy .


Ethnic Skin
Studies have shown that the incidence of melanoma in African-American, Latin, and Asian persons is less than Caucasian persons. However, melanomas are most commonly found on the feet and hands of these ethnicities and more commonly present with advanced disease and poor prognosis.

Melanoma on his right big toe was the cause of death of Bob Marley at the age of 36.


Up to Date

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  • If you have advanced melanoma disease, a tertiary academic center may be your best option for treatment and care or a clinical trial.