Vollure (Juvederm® Vollure)

Juvederm® Vollure is a hyaluronic acid soft tissue filler which received FDA approval in March of 2017 for correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds, in adults over the age of 21. Juvederm® Vollure is part of the Vycross Juvederm family which includes Juvederm Voluma and Volbella. Vollure is a versatile soft tissue filler providing long duration, minimal swelling, and smooth lifting affects characteristic of the patented Vycross gel technology.

Dr. Liu is a recognized expert in Vollure treatment techniques, training other physicians through the Allergan Facial Aesthetic Training Programs and P.A.L.E.T.T.E. Live Injection Training Programs for advanced techniques.


What can Vollure improve?
Vollure is a versatile soft tissue filler with great success in correction of deeper lines, wrinkles, and volume loss as well as finer lines such as the tear trough (undereye shadow), forehead lines, smile lines, marionette lines. It also has ability to provide structure, such as nose contouring.




Left Photo-Evolving forehead lines, crow's feet wrinkles, and volume loss of undereye.


Right Photo-Fine line filler technique used for forehead and crow's using Belotero and Refyne. Cannula filler technique using Vollure for undereye. Patient preferred not to have Botox to retain full motion of face.

*actual patient case of Dr. Liu©


Left Side of Photo-Smile line and marionette line lifted and smoothed with Vollure



Right Photo-Untreated showing deeper smile line, marionette line, and drooping corner of mouth.

*actual patient case of Dr. Liu©



Left Photo-Undereye volume loss




Right Photo-Integrated injection of Vollure and Volbella

*actual patient case of Dr. Liu©



Left Photo-Forehead with grooves and volume Loss



Right Photo-Vollure and Volbella using cannula technique to restore volume and smooth forehead

*actual patient case of Dr. Liu©



Left Photo-Neck Lines & Crease


Right Photo-Refyne, Vollure, & Volbella to lift and smooth lines

*actual patient case of Dr. Liu©



Is Vollure safe?
Vollure is derived from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring water molecule which is identical across animal species. The incidence of allergic reactions or permanent side effects is extremely rare. The Juvederm family of soft tissue fillers has been used safely and effectively for decades. Most importantly, patients can feel reassured that if an unusual reaction or undesirable results should occur, Vollure can be painlessly and rapidly removed by dissolving the material with a fluid-based enzyme, which is very rarely done.


Is the procedure painful?
The procedure is very well tolerated with use of prescription strength topical anesthetic cream and/or ice. Patients report none to minor discomfort and/or pressure.


Is there downtime?
Vollure treatment frequently has no downtime or very minimal downtime due to its unique property of stability in volume correction (swelling is minor or nonexistent in almost all cases) and use of very fine needles to avoid bruising.